Jackpoint Recessed Pad Foam Block



These closed cell foam blocks will help protect your car if you must lift it using seam welds. The foam conforms to the contours of the car and spreads the load across the block rather than deforming the seam welds. YOUR CAR MUST HAVE A SOLID, RUST FREE PAN THAT WILL SUPPORT LOAD. These blocks can be use in the corners of the floor pans of early Porsches manufactured before 1987 – when Porsche started using designated, under chassis lift points. Contact us for other applications. These blocks are designed to be used ONLY IN CONJUNCTION WITH JACKPOINT RECESSED PADS and should NOT be used alone on a jack. THE FOAM BLOCKS ARE SOLD IN PAIRS AND DO NOT INCLUDE THE RECESSED PAD SHOWN IN THE PICTURE. RECESSED PADS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY.

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