Porsche Wheel Guide/Hanger Tool – Extra Long


This stainless steel wheel guide has an M14 x 1.5 thread that fits bolt holes for modern Porsche hubs that use bolts instead of lug nuts which are generally found on Porsche models starting with the 1997 Boxster and 1999 911.  This wheel guide is 200 mm (20cm) long – 70mm longer than our other wheel hanger.  It’s a great addition for front wheel changes even if you have the factory hanger.  Insert 2 hangers in 2 different bolt holes to prevent the hub from turning while you are trying to center the wheel on the hub.  The advantage of the longer hanger is you can engage the longer hanger first and then align the shorter hanger. Ships in a protective pouch. 


For international order, please email us.

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